The answers to “who is this person anyway”, “what’s a JOATAMON”, and other mysteries.

My name is Patty Cryan and this is my book blog, a place for me to put my book reviews and things.  It is a mirror site for my LiveJournal site at

[“What’s a JOATAMON?”, you may ask. And many of you do. It’s an acronym for “Jack Of All Trades and Mistress of None”, and was the name for my hypothetical rock band, back when everyone and their brother had a hypothetical band.]

[Some of my Gentle Readers actually have not-so-hypothetical rock bands. But this is a book blog.]

A biography of me, first written for the program book for Philcon 2006 and subsequently modified:

Patricia M. Cryan is, by turns, a retailer who never sleeps, a walking library of children’s literature, a fan of hard science, harder science fiction, and literary horror tales, and a freelance editor who makes strong folk cry at regular intervals.

She serves as General Partner for Mike’s Comics – – a mail order and Internet company established in 1976, which carries comic books, audio dramas, science fiction and fantasy books and collectibles, roleplaying game supplies, fantasy greeting cards, and much, much more. She has been active in bookselling since 1987 and is a member of The New England Children’s Bookselling Advisory Council. Her most current literary project involves editorial work on THE EDGECLIFF STORYBOOK; an excerpt can be found at

Please feel free to comment, or to e-mail me.  It’s lonely out in space.


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7 10 2007
Hello world! « Bookseller By Night

[…] A brief blogger’s bio for me can be found at […]

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