Passing it along for Jeanne and Spider Robinson.

15 02 2010

A note from the webmaster for Spider Robinson’s site:

“Spider would like to remind everyone that his collection of his own personal reading copies of the existing 12 (of 13) volumes of the North Atlantic Books edition of the Short Work of Theodore Sturgeon is now finally up for auction on eBay, to help raise money for Jeanne’s medical and other cancer-related expenses. There are only 8 days left to make your bid for this most special item. The books are all first edition hardcovers, each read and lovingly cared for by Spider, and he maintains they are bound to contain countless samples of his DNA in the form of dandruff, eyebrow hairs, skin cells, etc. “In my canon,” he says, “Theodore Sturgeon and Robert Heinlein are tied for Greatest SF Writer Of All Time. This remarkable collection of Ted’s work, the eggs of the Sturgeon, is pure caviar. It’s only because I was recently given a complete new set for becoming a contributor to Volume XII that I can bring myself to part with my own library copies.” If the buyer wishes, Spider’s willing to sign each volume, though not on the title page.

To see photos of the books in question, follow the bidding, and/or place a bid, follow this link:

Dream For Jeanne Auction

Best wishes,
Colin MacDonald

It’s been a tough year for many, and donation drives seem to be springing from the woodwork everywhere. I post this because it’s a simple exchange of goods for services – in this case, literary goods for medical services/expenses – and there’s a lot of historic and sentimental value in what Spider’s offering up for sale in this auction.

Ted Sturgeon’s been a huge part of my personal canon, as are Spider and Jeanne, and if I wasn’t so close to needing a donation drive myself, I’d love to bid on these.

I present this auction to you, instead, Gentle Readers, if you are in a better position than I to offer assistance.





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