Books here, books there, books books everywhere!

21 09 2009

I’ve been given a bit of a kickstart in digging this blog out of mothballs by Adam Lipkin. We had a brief exchange about reading several books at once, based on where we were at any given moment and what we were doing.

Here’s mine:

My “bathtub” book [what’s the point of having a clawfoot tub in an old house if you can’t read in it?]: TOM JONES by Henry Fielding. This was a “discard” from the local state library.

My “backpack” book: WAR OF THE WITCHES by Maite Carranza. Easily digestible on the bus while running errands.

My “porch” book: TRAVELS WITH CHARLEY by John Steinbeck. This is normally an annual ritual re-read in summer, after the completion of DANDELION WINE. 2009 has been anything but normal for me, and thus this has been moved to become an autumn indulgence.

My “bedside” books: An ARC of Kate DiCamillo’s THE MAGICIAN’S ELEPHANT, my BEA scores of INSTITUTIONAL MEMORY by Gary Frank and WATER WITCH by Deborah Leblanc, and the first EREC REX book by Kaza Kingsley.

I’m curious, Gentle Readers, if you [a] read several books at a time and [b] keep books stashed all over your living spaces.





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