Readercon 2009: Radio dreams, ghostly screams, and a Chocogator.

11 07 2009

I’m very glad to have made it to Readercon on Thursday night. If things here improve, I’d love to make this convention a regular item on my calendar.

* The evening started with dinner at The Burlington Mall with Mari Ness, whose short fiction works have appeared in Farrago’s Wainscot, The Edge of Propinquity, Fantasy Magazine, and Reflection’s Edge, among others. Michael and I hadn’t seen her for several years, so it was a grand reunion. She brought us what is to me an amazing treat from Florida… a Chocogator.

It’s chocolate! It’s an alligator! It’s a chocogator!

It both amused Michael and me and touched our hearts.

* After our meal, Michael, Crystal L. Woods, Mari and I made our way to the convention hotel. We quietly sneaked/snuck in to the last twenty minutes of Jennifer Pelland’s reading; her selection was “Ghosts of New York”, which properly chilled *my* blood.

* Once that reading broke up, we were able to say a quick hello to Inanna Arthen and to Trisha J. Wooldridge, with hopes of catching up with both later this summer.

* My intrepid little party of four then hung out for a brief span in one of the common areas near the ballrooms while we waited for our 9:30PM appointment. I saw Warren Lapine in passing, but did not get a chance to say hello, so this shout-out will have to do. I’m looking forward to getting my copy of REALMS OF FANTASY in the mail that I requested last month.

* We parted company with Mari at 9:30PM, and Michael, Crystal and I had a lovely sitdown with Jim Freund and Barbara Krasnoff in the gazebo on the hotel grounds. Our conversation dabbled mostly, if I may mix my metaphors, under the umbrella of my other “hat”… that of distributor of speculative fiction on audio and in print, rather than as a retailer of same, but nonetheless it was wonderful to get to meet these folks and gave me reason to scratch my head as to why our paths had not crossed earlier in my New York City days.

* After we parted company with Jim and Barbara, it was past 11PM and we three tired congoers attempted to go to the Goblin Fruit party. Unfortunately, the combination of the room crowds and my inability to keep standing, even with the Sexy Sleek Black Spy Cane, meant that we needed to call it a night.


All in all, Readercon-on-opening-night was a very nice experience for us, and a change from the usual day-to-day operations here. Again, based on my little “nibble”, I wouldn’t mind tasting the “full course” sometime, and I’d certainly like to add it to my regularly scheduled events in any given calendar year.





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