Awards nominees, award winners, and awards that really SHOULD be awarded.

4 03 2009

I swear, I get more done, industry-reading-wise and scanning-the-networking-environment-wise, on “sick days”, fevered brain and all.

Catching up on some of the news stories going around…


The winners were announced several weeks ago, but their works should still be picked up at your public library, purchased from your favorite independent bookstore, and hugged and loved. Internet hugs and love from me to the authors and to this year’s judges… I was one once, and I ***know*** how hard the choices were, sometimes! [Real hugs from me right now would be disease-laden.]

The complete list of Cybils Award Winners for 2008-2009.


My colleague Alison Morris, who is a never-ending font of good ideas, has been fostering a contest to name and market literary foods. I heartily endorse this idea, since I too am one of those people who grew up reading cereal boxes and am guilty of gulping down tomes while chowing down on many a “part of a balanced breakfast”.

Name a Bookish Breakfast Cereal at PW’s “Shelf Talker”

I’m partial to GRAVITY’S RAINBOW FLAKES, myself.





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