It’s the Book-Signal, Bookman! [and Bookwoman!]

28 12 2008

Starting my New Year’s resolutions off early, since many booksellers, authors, publishers and editors of my acquaintance will be happy to say “Good riddance!” to 2008, and hope that 2009 brings more hard-fought stability and earned joy to us all.

First resolution is to keep this blog more completely up to date.

Second resolution is to update the networks that link to this blog.

Thank you for reading.





2 responses

29 12 2008

I got the same requests to add some info to Book Blogs. Do you think I should make a group about bookish charities, mention it in the discussion, or leave these kinds of things out of the site altogether? What do you think?

29 12 2008

I would think it would depend on whether you’re writing a column or moderating a listserv.

The hallmark of the latter half of the Aughts seems to be the rise and prevalence of networking. We’re making contacts with people like never before. If it helps to keep the book industry alive, I say more power to it!

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