Lost and damaged books

16 11 2008

My thanks to my friend and colleague Sara M. Harvey for alerting me to this situation.   This affects my friend and colleague Michael A. Burstein, whose wonderful book launch party I attended only two weeks ago, as well as his publisher and his readers.

First, the press release from Apex:

The Battering of Burstein

Apex Publications Ramps up the Raffle to Replace Stolen and Damaged

November 16, 2008 – Yesterday, Apex Book Company received a shipment
of hardcover copies of Michael A. Burstein’s new collection “I
Remember the Future.” At least, the box was supposed to contain the
book. What we actually received was a box full of…nothing.  A second
box contained 16 copies of the book, but they were damaged and unfit
for sale. In total, the damaged and missing copies amount to 1/3 of
the shipment. The boxes containing the other 2/3 of the shipment have
not yet arrived, and we are not optimistic about their location or

Since the Annual Apex Raffle is currently in progress, we are
extending the raffle in order to raise additional funds for the
replacement cost of the books. Originally scheduled to end on November
30, the raffle will now run through December 15, with the priority
allotment of funds going to replace the damaged and missing books.

We understand that many of you reading this have already participated
in the raffle, and we are grateful for your support. We ask that you
assist us by passing the raffle link below along to anyone you think
might be interested, or posting it on your blog or any forums you
frequent that allow such items.

Here’s the raffle link: http://www.apexbookcompany.com/cart.php?m=product_list&c=7

There are plenty of items for readers, writers, and collectors of all
that is dark and good. And don’t forget, ’tis almost the season, and
nothing says “Happy Holidays” like a gift that will scare the socks
off your friends and family.

Remember, 10% of all proceeds will be donated to Dolly’s Imagination
Library, a community program to foster a love of reading among
children. Don’t worry, we’ll wait until they’re older before we start
making them read Apex books.</b>

*     *     *

Now, a few words from Sara:

Currently, Jason Sizemore (Apex Editor-in-Chief) is gathering the necessary information to lodge a formal complaint with the USPS and making police reports of stolen property.  And he is calling the Postal Inspector General today (they are a 24/7 office). The boxes were not insured but they did have Delivery Confirmation.

If anyone has any suggestion (beyond what the good folks at Apex are already doing) or expertise on this matter, please comment or send Mr. Sizemore a note- jason@apexdigest.com.

And please contribute to the raffle. Because although they will probably get full compensation, that is going to take a while and books needs to be reprinted immediately to be sent to paid pre-orders.


And finally, a few words from me…

Please feel free to spread the word and do what you can.  I know there are many demands on people’s time and resources in this difficult time.

Thanks for whatever you can do.





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