An exercise inspired by FAHRENHEIT 451.

28 08 2008

This past weekend I attended 3Pi-Con, a local up-and-coming science fiction convention. [At its base, its name is “Pi-Con”, and each year it adds a numeral as its prefix.]

While my main purpose at the convention was to be a dealer representing Mike’s Comics, the convention also used my services as moderator for a panel on Young Adult Fiction, with Cory Doctorow, Elayna Jade, Debra Killeen, and Shira Lipkin as my co-panelists.

We discussed some of the ways that young adult fiction is more heavily marketed in the publishing field, and the special handselling attention it gets from bookstores, as well as the fact that it’s often seen as less challenging than adult fiction to both write and to read. [This last was vigorously denied by a few on the panel and in the audience, some of whom WERE young adults.]

The panel concluded with audience involvement in a rather unique fashion. I truly had no idea I was going to do this until it actually happened. Instead of the usual question-and-answer session that is traditional amongst con panels [at least, from what I’ve been led to understand], I went around the room and proposed the following exercise:

You are a living book; you have chosen to be a living book. You are the last copy of your chosen book in existence. Who are you and why are you that book?

It certainly shook some people up, and I adored the answers I got from both my fellow panelists and the audience.

I put this question to YOU now, Gentle Readers. Tell me, in comments, which book you are and will be to the end of Eternity.





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