Blog Stoker’s DRACULA.

4 05 2008

Yes, I’ve neglected this journal sadly. Let’s just say that my life has been overcome by Serious Stuph, leave it at that, and start over with something bookwormish.

One of the more insane distractions I’ve chosen to do to keep my mind off Serious Stuph…

Over at my personal journal, I’m blogging Bram Stoker’s novel. In real time.

Yes, I need my head examined.

DRACULA is an epistolary novel, so it’s perfect for the online journal format.

There was a Blogspot guy who did this in 2005, 2006, and 2007, and there was a LiveJournal community that did it in 2006.

I couldn’t find anyone who was doing it this year, and so I took the plunge, as my own weird little picker-upper.

You’re all invited to watch, point, and laugh.

First entry from the book is here.

[There will be hopefully be book reviews in THIS blog again, starting on Friday the 9th.]




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