Last of the Red-Hot Short Story Readers?

7 02 2008

I’m up early and trying to kick my brain into gear, and so am posting a science fiction literature poll. This was triggered by a comment by the sagacious Carol Chittenden at yesterday’s NECBA meeting, in describing a new YA novel as being better suited to magazine fiction in a publication like The New Yorker than to a pick-up-and-read book title on a bookstore shelf.

It spurred me to wonder how many others share my reading tastes, which were strongly shaped by reading short stories rather than novels.


The table of contents from THEMES IN SCIENCE FICTION reads thus:

Themes in Science Fiction ed. Leo P. Kelley (McGraw-Hill 07-033504-4, 1972, tp); A Journey Into Wonder.

3 · The Last of the Romany · Norman Spinrad · ss Analog May ’63
14 · The Total Experience Kick · Charles Platt · ss New Worlds Dec ’66
28 · Shortstack [Willy Shorts] · Walt & Leigh Richmond · nv Analog Dec ’64
47 · Far from This Earth · Chad Oliver · ss The Year 2000, ed. Harry Harrison, Garden City, NY: Doubleday, 1970
63 · Maelstrom II · Arthur C. Clarke · ss Playboy Apr ’65
76 · Founding Father · Isaac Asimov · ss Galaxy Oct ’65
82 · Holdout · Robert Sheckley · ss F&SF Dec ’57
93 · The Cold Equations · Tom Godwin · nv Astounding Aug ’54
119 · The Father-Thing · Philip K. Dick · ss F&SF Dec ’54
131 · The Silk and the Song · Charles L. Fontenay · nv F&SF Jul ’56
155 · Eyebem · Gene Wolfe · ss Orbit 7, ed. Damon Knight, G.P. Putnam’s, 1970
165 · Puppet Show · Fredric Brown · ss Playboy Nov ’62
174 · Look, You Think You’ve Got Troubles · Carol Carr · ss Orbit 5, ed. Damon Knight, G.P. Putnam’s, 1969
187 · Young Girl at an Open Half-door · Fred Saberhagen · ss F&SF Nov ’68
196 · The Man Who Came Early · Poul Anderson · nv F&SF Jun ’56
219 · Soldier [“Soldier from Tomorrow”] · Harlan Ellison · nv Fantastic Universe Oct ’57
239 · The Good Provider · Marion Gross · ss F&SF Sep ’52
247 · A Message from Charity · William M. Lee · ss F&SF Nov ’67
266 · Witch War · Richard Matheson · ss Startling Stories Jul ’51
271 · Gomez · C. M. Kornbluth · nv The Explorers, Ballantine, 1954
294 · Muse · Dean R. Koontz · ss F&SF Sep ’69
307 · The World of Myrion Flowers · Frederik Pohl & C. M. Kornbluth · ss F&SF Oct ’61
313 · X Marks the Pedwalk · Fritz Leiber · ss Worlds of Tomorrow Apr ’63
318 · EPICAC · Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. · ss Colliers Nov 25 ’50
325 · The Last Command [Bolo] · Keith Laumer · ss Analog Jan ’67
343 · Lost Memory · Peter Phillips · ss Galaxy May ’52
357 · The Survivor · Walter F. Moudy · nv Amazing May ’65
383 · The Post-Mortem People · Peter Tate · ss New Worlds Mar ’66
398 · The Travelin’ Man · Leo P. Kelley · ss F&SF Sep ’70
409 · One Love Have I · Robert F. Young · ss If Apr ’55
424 · Who Shall Dwell… · H. C. Neal · ss Playboy Jul ’62

[I can’t actually do the “poll” function here, so just answer in the comments.]

* Have you read one or more of the authors in this anthology before?

* Have you read one or more of the stories in this anthology before?

* Do you actually own this book?

Kudos to those who actually own or have owned the original magazine issue or anthology in which these appeared.





7 responses

7 02 2008
Johann Chua

I’ve read several of the authors listed, but I’m afraid I can’t confirm that I’ve read any of the stories, though some titles are rather familiar. Don’t have this book yet.

7 02 2008

I’ve read quite a few of those authors…Asimov, Koontz, Vonnegut…I don’t know if I’ve read those particular stories, as I’m guilty of not remembering short fiction in anthologies very well unless they’re by the same author. I do indeed enjoy reading short fiction, though, and I own several collections of Orson Scott Card, Ursula K LeGuin, Clive Barker, T.C. Boyle short stories. It sounds to me like I need to pick up the book you mentioned…and if there were a magazine regularly putting out such short fiction, I’d very likely subscribe, and share with my children.

30 11 2008

marion gross lived in the nursing home i work at, she died about two weeks ago

2 12 2008

Meg: Thank you so much for letting me know this sad news.

6 06 2009

i grew up in the 70’s, my older sister had this volume as part of her school work. i recall EYEBEM as a sad story of a dying computer and THE SILK AND THE SONG about a small monkey-like race of creatures who ruled humans. but, i remember mostly the story LOOK YOU THINK YOU’VE GOT TROUBLES about a father who’s daughter marries an alien. it was humorous!

17 06 2009

Hello, Avery:

Sorry for the delay in approving this post.

My copy of this is from my own sister’s high school English class in the 1970’s. Some cool teachers back then.


16 07 2009
Fred Mertz

I have not only provided a link to Amazon so that you may BUY a COPY (0.01 a copy, BTW) but I also reviewed it as well!

The link to Amazon:

Please, but a copy and leave a review – I’d love to hear anyone else’s opinion about this wonderful wonderful book!



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