Author landmark dates.

27 01 2008

[Cannibalized slightly from my personal journal, and updated through the kind offices of Chris Roberson.]

A birthday that I missed this week was that of Robert E. Howard, born on January 22, 1906.  I had all good intentions of writing an eloquent post on his works and his lasting creations.  But since I’ve missed that deadline, I am instead going to direct you to a marvelous biography called BLOOD AND THUNDER, written by Mark Finn and published by Chris Roberson’s MonkeyBrain Books.  A synopsis can be found at


I am, however, on time for two birthdays today.

The first is that of Jules Feiffer, one of my favorite illustrators of works of his own and that of others.  He is the illustrator for my favorite book of all time, THE PHANTOM TOLLBOOTH… in my eyes, his drawings are as integral to the story as Norton Juster’s words.

The second is that of Philip Jose Farmer, an author whose works opened my eyes in much the same way that Harlan Ellison’s and Theodore Sturgeon’s did.

The first Riverworld book remains burned on the retina of my mind’s eye.  I’ve always had a fascination with stories where the worlds described are just as vital characters in the story as the protagonists and antagonists.


Natal greetings to all, in flesh and in spirit.





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