Busy thoughts bubbling upwards.

7 01 2008

Some scattershot bibliphiliac things for you all, while I live up to my moniker of “Really Tired JOATAMON By Day” and desperately play catchup:

* The explanation for my earlier entry regarding word use of “media” as inclusive of books was because I wanted to know whether my Gentle Readers thought calling a new company “_____________ Books and Media” was redundant.  As a corollary, I wondered whether those of you seeking books on the Internet would click on a URL that had “media” in its title, or whether you would assume that something like LokiMedia.com only sells computer games.

My thanks for the input received over at LiveJournal.  If you still want to weigh in here, please chime in at https://booksellerbynight.wordpress.com/2008/01/02/words-that-keep-me-up-at-night/

* The finalists in all categories of the 2007 Cybils awards have been announced and can be found at http://dadtalk.typepad.com/cybils/finalists/index.html.

* Author/illustrator James A. Owen and his assorted colleagues at Coppervale International have announced, over at http://coppervale.livejournal.com/128723.html, the opening of a new children’s bookstore for new and used titles. 

I have to say on a personal level that I not only love the concept, but the name. 

“Crossroads” as symbol, as idea, has always resonated with me.  In this year of 2008, it sings even louder. 

You can find James’ “Crossroads” at http://www.crossroads-books.com/main.sc.





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