Shipping Preferences.

7 12 2007

Twice now, in the last month, some nice anonymous person employed at an unknown publishing company has tried to ship something to me care of “The Books By Night Blog”, using my P.O. Box address.  It’s been sent from Banta Packaging &Fulfillement, via UPS, and keeps getting returned to the local UPS Distribution Center, because they cannot deliver to a P.O. Box.

My partner spoke to UPS today, and we think we have caught the package and were able to redirect it this time before it gets returned to Banta. 

Please advise here in comments whether this rings a bell with any of you Gentle Readers.  I know the mystery will be solved when I finally DO get your package, but I’d like to thank you early if I can.

If any of my Gentle Readers wants to ship me books to review in the future using the P.O. Box address, please don’t use UPS.  Please use regular US Mail via Media Mail.

This problem will likely go away in 2008 if/when I get proper office space.  One can only dream.

And again, thanks in advance to my mysterious benefactor.





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