And we’re back, hopefully to stay a while.

2 10 2007

It seems I’m always apologizing for the lengthy silences and my lack of reviews, rather than just buckling down and DOING the reviewing work that gives this blog a reason to exist.

But now I have a feast to lay before you, from my bag of swag hauled back from the NEIBA trade show. 

An appetizer and a link to get us started….

1] SPACEMAN BLUES, written by Brian Francis Slattery, who I got to meet this past Friday at the Authors’ Reception.

2]  A display of endpapers, found through John Scalzi’s Ficlets blog.  I’ve adored endpapers since I could crawl, and I’m sure the background for the LiveJournal version of this blog came from endpapers.


I have books to review that go back to January 2007, as well as preview copies being released in 2008.  So I’ll be finally paying my debts to some of you who have been terribly, terribly patient, and tolerant of my tardiness.





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