[Young Adult] Review – POISON IVY

2 07 2006

Title: Poison Ivy

by Amy Goldman Kross

Publisher & Imprint: Roaring Brook Press

Pub Date: March 2006

Price: $16.95

ISBN: 1-59643-118-0

Primary audience: Advanced middle readers and young teen girls

Notable aspects: Characters, authenticity, child-connected, humor, significant underlying ideas

Review:  This book presents an idea which has been done before – the notion of “the popular clique” being put on trial for bullying, even though it’s “only” in the setting of a Government class assignment.
What makes this different and fresh is the diary approach used in narration, and that the “victim” is not shown to be particularly likeable or laudable…. not even in her own writings about herself.  Nor is the teacher who sets up this experiment any kind of hero.
The voices of the “prosecutor”, the “defendants”, and the “jurors” are very well drawn, and multidimensional.  It’s a good realistic book worth at least one read.

Reviewer’s name & bookstore:  Patty Cryan, Mike’s Comics, Worcester, Massachusetts




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